Cannabis cultivation

Experts in environmental control for cannabis cultivation

With AubinPélissier, you can find all the essential services under one roof: personalized project and budget evaluation, design, implementation and after-sales service (maintenance, repair, etc.). Our equipment is high-performance and reliable and our installation and maintenance service is in line with your requirements.

Through our knowledge and expertise (acquired through training and projects), we optimize the quality of the environment for your cannabis production. A perfectly controlled environment allows you to maximize your crops and benefit from a product of unparalleled quality.

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Benefits of the service

  • Personalized support throughout the project according to your development phases.
  • Custom-made systems that can be adapted to all your needs and budgets.
  • 24-hour controlled greenhouse environment.
  • Maintain ideal conditions to maximize crop quality.
  • Minimize operating costs by optimizing energy efficiency.
  • Our customers benefit from a 24/7 service, 365 days a year.
Benefits of the service

We always keep up-to-date in this growing industry

  • We are in contact with many specialists in the field of cannabis cultivation.
  • We are aware of the technical needs and benefits/drawbacks of the different systems.
  • We frequently participate in training courses to keep our knowledge up to date.
  • Our specialized equipment is at the cutting edge of technology.
  • We are familiar with the standards, legal aspects and all other needs of cannabis cultivation.
We always keep up-to-date in this growing industry

Health and safety

  • Our employees participate in ongoing prevention activities to improve the identification and elimination of workplace risks.
  • Our employees adhere to our upgrading program to ensure that they work to the highest standards in the field of greenhouse ventilation.
  • We are a member of Cognibox in order to keep our employees’ training up to date.

See our complete section on occupational health and safety

Health and safety
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Our service for cannabis cultivation

We offer a complete HVAC service (ventilation, air conditioning, dehumidification, plumbing, heating, controls) for controlled environment agriculture, perfectly adapted to your needs as cannabis producers.

We help you define your needs and evaluate the different system options, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each. For each cannabis greenhouse project, we consider the available budgets, the necessary design, the completion time, training and maintenance.

Related services offered

We also offer custom support for existing facilities: evaluation and verification of existing systems, identification of improvement opportunities, maintenance support to optimize equipment performance and reliability. Once again, all this is designed to maximize harvests and your profits.

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