The best equipment must be maintained to maintain its effectiveness

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Benefits of the service

  • Performing maintenance at the frequency recommended by the manufacturer ensures maximum service life for your equipment.
  • Preventive maintenance prevents breakage, avoiding additional repair costs.
  • Maintains the maximum efficiency of your devices.
Benefits of the service

Frequently asked question

Why should I outsource the maintenance and repair of my heat pump to professionals?

A heat pump is not a simple household appliance. It is a complex autonomous system. Any attempt to make a “tinkered” repair to a heat pump under warranty may invalidate the remainder of the warranty. Aside from the simple maintenance procedures recommended, you should not try to make adjustments yourself on your heat pump.

Frequently asked question
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Why choose AubinPélissier for this service?

Our team attaches great importance to the quality and installation standards of our products. Even the best products, installed according to the strictest criteria, must be maintained to preserve their effectiveness.

Each unit has a maintenance manual that indicates the measures to be taken (and their frequency) to ensure its proper performance. You can obtain the guide in digital format or request it from us at any time.

Since the purchase of an air conditioning and heating system is a major investment with a long lifespan, many people choose to contact our team of professionals to perform preventive maintenance.

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