Natural gas

We have the expertise for natural gas installations, the most eco-friendly fossil energy.

What is natural gas?

Natural gas is a form of fossil energy. It offers the most environmentally friendly combustion, with a much lower production of polluting particles than other similar energy sources. It is very efficient for home heating and other related uses (fireplace, water heater, pool heater, BBQ, cooking, etc.).

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Benefits of the service

  • An ecological energy source with multiple applications. Natural gas can be used anywhere in your home: heating, hot water, cooking and much more.
  • Economical solution (installation and energy ratio)
Benefits of the service

Did you know…

  • Natural gas is cheaper than fuel oil and is just as affordable as electricity.
  • In Quebec, more than 200,000 customers use natural gas.
  • Do you want to opt for this advantageous energy alternative?Grants are available for the installation of a natural gas system.
Did you know…
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Why choose AubinPélissier for this service?

AubinPélissier is an Énergir certified partner. You can count on a quality installation from our certified experts in the field.AubinPélissier’s team has extensive experience in natural gas projects and offers its expertise in high-performance, safe equipment approved by Énergir that meets current standards.

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