Radiant floors

Radiant floors

Comfort under your feet and throughout your home.

What is a radiant floor?

Radiant floors optimize the space in your home by eliminating electric baseboards. Since the floor is warmer than the ambient air, you will have an unequalled comfort and this system will allow you to save on heating costs compared to the use of electric baseboards.

Whether it is to heat a garage, basement, kitchen, bathroom or the entire house, this method provides extremely uniform ambient heat, which adds to the comfort of a room. In addition to not causing any draughts, this system reduces clutter in the room, since it has no visible duct or radiator.

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An invisible heating system

An underfloor heating system is very discreet because it requires no baseboard heaters, makes no noise and does not circulate air.


Exceptional comfort

With underfloor heating, the ambient air in your home does not become warmer since the heat is radiant. This allows you to maintain increased comfort in all the rooms of your home.



Components can be added to specific rooms in your home, garage or driveway to melt snow.

Choosing a radiant floor

A radiant floor is a heating system that uses the floors of your home for heat distribution. The piping must be installed on the floor before the concrete is poured. This system efficiently heats all the rooms in your home and it is possible to delineate the rooms as needed.

  • A very durable system.
  • Economical heating method.
  • Inaudible and invisible heating system (no electric baseboards).
  • Increased comfort throughout your home.
  • No draughts.
  • The living space of your house is maximized.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • It is also possible to add an external snow melting system (garage, parking entrance).
  • Quick and easy installation for new buildings.
  • The floor inertia does not permit much variation in indoor temperature in a short period of time.
  • Some floor covering materials are not compatible.
  • Provide a mixture of water and glycol if there is a risk of freezing on the heating floor (e.g.,in a garage).
  • A radiant floor allows you to maintain an ambient temperature 2 to 3 degrees Celsius below the desired temperature for the same comfort.
  • Custom-made system, since each house configuration is different.

Uponor, Watts and many others.

Why choose AubinPélissier?

At AubinPélissier, the installation of radiant flooring no longer holds any secrets. Our specialized service in this area has earned the trust of thousands of satisfied customers. We are more than just equipment suppliers. When you purchase your heating equipment from AubinPélissier, you also benefit from our expert advice, impeccable installation techniques, comprehensive after-sales service (repair and maintenance) and 24-hour emergency service!

Ask for a free quote for the installation of a radiant floor pump and get ready to experience a whole new level of comfort.

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