Have full control over the heating of all the rooms in your home. A uniform and comfortable temperature to make it through the Quebec winter!

What is a furnace?

Similar to a central heat pump system, a furnace is connected to an indoor ventilation duct network to circulate heat to all rooms in your home. However, the furnace requires an energy source (electricity, natural gas, propane or wood) to generate heat.

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Uniform temperature in every room

A furnace distributes heat evenly throughout your home for added comfort.


Choose your energy source

Depending on your needs, a furnace can be powered by electricity, natural gas, propane or wood.


Air quality

Air filtration and humidification are options that can be integrated into your ventilation system and greatly improve your home’s air quality.

Choosing a furnace

A furnace can heat your home with electricity, wood, propane or natural gas. The air is pushed evenly into all rooms in your home (option of adding areas to further control certain rooms). In addition to providing improved air quality, it is possible to add a humidifier for humidity control. Other suggested additions include the UV anti allergen/odor/microbe lamp and variable speed motors for ventilation flow modulation.

  • Increased comfort thanks to a uniform temperature in every room.
  • Integrated air filtration that greatly improves the air quality of your home.
  • Option of adding features (UV lamp, humidifier, ventilation flow control) to meet your needs.
  • Several energy choices to operate your furnace.
  • A silent system that allows you to benefit from continuous ventilation.
  • Plan a mechanical room large enough to install the equipment.
  • Ceiling drops will be required to pass the ventilation ducts.
  • A furnace is particularly suitable for new constructions.

We have selected two brands for you that are synonymous with quality and reliability. With York and Amana, you are in good hands to maximise the level of comfort in your home.

Why choose AubinPélissier?

At AubinPélissier, the installation of furnaces is a specialty. Doing business with our professionals is much more than just getting quality equipment. Benefit from our expert advice, rigorous installation standards, comprehensive after-sales service (repair and maintenance) and 24/7 emergency service!

Ask for a free quote for the installation of a furnace to experience the most comfortable winters of your life.

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