All our solutions are perfectly suited to the industrial sector

The word “industrial” is used for any company involved in the manufacture of goods. This may mean industrial land or an area with factories. For example, the industrial sector includes the automotive industry, the textile industry, metalworking, the brewing industry, etc.

Common energy uses associated with this sector include space heating, water heating, air conditioning, industrial maintenance, refrigeration and the use of a wide variety of equipment.

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Benefits of the service

  • AubinPélissier’s Integral Solution is a 360° solution that offers all the services necessary for smooth operation in the industrial sector.
  • Option of choosing the specific service(s) your company needs.
  • Our industrial maintenance department provides you with our employees specialized in the proper operation of companies in the industrial sector.
  • Get better performance and improve the quality of life within your company.
Benefits of the service

Health and safety

  • A health and safety committee is established on each industrial project that we undertake which requires it.
  • All our employees adhere to our upgrading program to ensure that they work to the highest standards in the field.
  • Our employees participate in ongoing prevention activities to improve the identification and elimination of workplace risks.

See our complete section on occupational health and safety

Health and safety
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