Health and safety

Occupational health and safety is a constant priority in the conduct of our operations.

AubinPélissier believes that the company’s most important resource is its employees as a whole. Occupational health and safety is therefore a priority for the conduct of its operations.

In order to provide all employees with safe working conditions and a healthy workplace, management is committed to mobilizing the necessary resources to develop and implement programs to achieve this. In addition, management undertakes to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the risks of occupational injuries or diseases are eliminated at the source or duly controlled. To achieve this objective, management strives to ensure that all employees are aware of their roles, responsibilities and obligations with respect to occupational health and safety.

Management recognizes that teamwork is essential to achieving its occupational health and safety objectives. It will ensure the establishment and operation of a health and safety committee on each project that requires it. In addition, all employees will be encouraged to participate in the identification and elimination of hazards in the workplace and on construction sites. To achieve this objective, ongoing prevention activities will be designed to facilitate the active participation of employees through the use of risk forms and labels.

Management believes that employee training is essential to good occupational health and safety management. It undertakes to train and inform employees about the risks associated with their work and the safe work methods to be followed when performing this work.

Our health and safety mission is to perform superior quality work in compliance with current legislation, standards and good practices and in an accident-free environment. Prevention in the workplace is the tool that will enable us to accomplish this mission.

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