Central air conditioner

Central air conditioner

Perfect for uniformly cooling your entire home and improving your air quality.

What is a central air conditioner?

A central air conditioner is a system in which air is cooled and distributed between rooms by one or more fans and ducts. It helps to establish a comfortable climate in a home during hot and humid periods.

Do you want to add heating to your air conditioning system? With a minimal additional investment, you can add a heat pump!

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Comfort during hot periods

Central air conditioning helps keep your home cool and reduces humidity levels.


Energy efficiency

Choose a high efficiency air conditioner that will also save you money on your energy costs.


Air quality

Air filtration integrated into the central system greatly improves air quality throughout your home.

Choosing a central air conditioner

A central system consists of two units. An indoor ventilation unit powered by electricity, natural gas, wood or propane allows air to circulate through a network of ventilation ducts in each room of the house. All this is connected to an external unit.

The work of the air conditioner compressor is what makes the entire air conditioning process possible. The compression of the refrigerant gas allows it to evacuate heat from the house, creating cool air.

  • Increased comfort thanks to a stable temperature throughout your home
  • Much better air quality.
  • Efficient air circulation in all rooms of your home.
  • Very quiet system.
  • From a single control panel, you can set the time and temperature at which you want the unit to operate.
  • A central air conditioner is particularly suitable for new buildings.
  • Plan a mechanical room large enough to install the equipment.
  • Ceiling drops will be required to pass the ventilation ducts.
  • From a single control panel, you can set the time and temperature at which you want the unit to operate.
  • Central air conditioners are becoming the norm. They are easy to use and keep your home up to date.

We have selected two brands for you that are synonymous with quality and reliability. With York and Amana, you are in good hands for the comfort of your home.

Why choose AubinPélissier?

At AubinPélissier, the installation of wall-mounted air conditioners is a specialty. Our renowned service in this area has earned the trust of thousands of satisfied customers. We are more than just equipment suppliers. When you purchase your air conditioning equipment from AubinPélissier, you also benefit from our expert advice, impeccable installation techniques, comprehensive after-sales service (repair and maintenance) and 24-hour emergency service!
Ask for a free quote for the installation of a wall-mounted air conditioner and benefit from the recommendations of our specialists in the field.

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