Central heat pump

Central heat pump

Ideal for keeping a uniform and comfortable temperature in a home, while improving energy efficiency and air quality.

What is a wall-mounted heat pump?

A central heat pump, unlike an air conditioning system, can provide air conditioning and heating. Installed outside your home, it connects to the ventilation system. To operate, a heat pump extracts heat from the indoor air and circulates cold air to all rooms in the house through the ventilation system.

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Balance between air conditioning and heating.

Unequalled comfort during the summer period (air conditioning) and during winter (heating).


Energy efficiency.

Get year-round comfort in your home while saving considerable amounts of money and protecting the environment.


Units that adapt to your environment.

A forced-air air conditioning system will provide you with much better indoor air quality than a traditional air conditioning system.

Choosing a central heat pump

A central system consists of two units. An indoor ventilation unit powered by electricity, natural gas, wood or propane allows air conditioning to circulate through a network of ventilation ducts in each room of the house. All this is connected to an external unit.

It is therefore possible to cool and dehumidify with the external heat pump, saving energy costs.

  • Increased comfort thanks to a stable temperature throughout your home.
  • Air filtration system integrated into the unit.
  • Significantly improved air quality.
  • Very discreet and quiet.
  • Option of adding components that can improve quality of life, such as:
    • Humidity control (humidification)
    • UV germicidal lamps to remove allergens, odours and microbes
    • Remote temperature management of your home.
  • A central heat pump is particularly suitable for new constructions.
  • Plan a mechanical room large enough to install the equipment.
  • Ceiling drops will be required to pass the ventilation ducts.
  • The service life of a central heat pump ranges from 12 to 18 years.
  • This allows you to cool AND heat your property (up to -30 degrees Celsius depending on the product selected).
  • This system allows you to make substantial savings in the long term.

We have selected two brands for you that are synonymous with quality and reliability. With York and Amana, you are in good hands for the comfort of your home.

Why choose AubinPélissier?

At AubinPélissier, the installation of a central heat pump no longer holds any secrets. Our specialized service in this area has earned the trust of thousands of satisfied customers. We are more than just equipment suppliers. When you purchase your air conditioning equipment from AubinPélissier, you also benefit from our expert advice, impeccable installation techniques, comprehensive after-sales service (repair and maintenance) and 24-hour emergency service!

Ask for a free quote for the installation of a central heat pump and get ready to experience a whole new level of comfort.

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